Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pound and a Half Chocolate Brownies

Believe it or not, I'm really not that big a fan of brownies. 
Stop turning purple and hold off on the apoplectic fit for just one moment...  The former sentence was true until I discovered this incredibly scrumptious collection of ingredients put together under the heading 'Fudgy Chocolate Brownies' from Joy Of Baking.
I think it's success lies in the 11/2 pounds of chocolate contained therein...


~11/2 pounds semi or bittersweet chopped chocolate
~2 sticks butter
~6 eggs
~2 cups sugar
~ 1 TABLESPOON vanilla
~11/2 cups flour
~1 tsp baking powder
~pecans for sprinkling on top

Melt chocolate and butter in pan, set aside.  Mix separately the eggs, sugar, and vanilla.  Stir chocolate mix into egg mix.  Combine dry ing and add to choc/egg mix.  Pour into greased 9x13 in pan and sprinkle chopped pecans over.  Bake at 350 degrees for 35-40 min.

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